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Wine Pairings

by Sophie 

Cheese and Wine — a love affair like no other. Fromagerie Sophie and many wineries in our county often engage in the perfect paring of cheese and wine. Keep reading for the best suggestions of San Luis Obispo county wines and Fromagerie Sohpie’s european style cheese offerings.


Wine: Ancient Peaks Oyster Ridge

Cheese: Tete de Moine … (means monk’s head)

Pasteurized cow’s milk, traditional rennet from Saicourt, Moutier Switzerland.

This cheese originated in the Monastery of Bellelay in the Jura mountains of Switzerland.  A combination of flavors, including nutty, beefy, and fruity.

Cheese: Tomme Perigourdine Affine

Pasteurized goat, from the Perigord region of France.

A white, creamy goat cheese with a thin bloomy rind, the wrinkled sort-sometimes called a ‘brainy’ rind.  Subtle aromas of nuts and mushroom, and the flavor is fresh and faintly tangy.

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Wine: Kenneth Volk 2011 Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County

Cheese: L’Etivaz

Unpasteurized cow’s milk from -Switzerland.

It is produced by hand, in large copper vats, over an open fire from May to October in hundred Alpine dairies in the Vaud canton Alps according to a traditional recipe. The raw milk is treated directly in the dairy and is full of aromas of fine Alpine herbs. It is has characteristics that are aromatic/fruity with slight hints of nuts that can vary slightly from Alp to Alp depending on the food given to the cows. Its dough is ivory to light yellow in color.

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 Wine: Talley Vineyards Chardonnay

Cheese: Sbrinz

Unpasteurized cow’s milk, aged 36 months.

Foothills of the Berner Oberlander Alps near Lucerne, Switzerland.

The oldest extra-hard cheese of Switzerland, the great source of pride in the country. Features a dense texture and hard paste. Flavors are strong, spicy and nutty. Similar to Parmigiano Reggiano, with a smoother with whole milk rather than skimmed milk. This gives this magnificent cheese a smoother and less salty than Parmigiano. It is out of this world!

 Wine: Pinot Noir

Cheese: Manchego (mahn-CHEH-goh)

Unpasteurized sheep’s milk, aged 12 months.

La Mancha, Spain.

Spain’s most popular cheese. The paste is hard, rich, buttery and oily. Flavors are fruity and consistent. Pairs well with Marcona almonds membrillo paste for a tapas perfection.

For more suggestions of cheese pairings with Talley Vineyards wines, SEND US A REQUEST, or visit Fromagerie Sophie today!


 Wine: Biddle Ranch Vineyard 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

Cheese: Explorateur

A pasteurized cow’s milk triple crème cheese from the Isle de France region in France. This cheese was first introduced in the 1950’s and named after US launched satellite, “Explorer”. Its cylindrical shape has a white bloomy rind, an ivory colored creamy pate; an extremely rich and buttery with slightly sweet and salty and nutty undertones.

Cheese: Colombier

Unpasteurized goat, aged 60 days

Rhone Alps in France

Made is a conical shape, this ripens faster on top than on the bottom, allowing for a drier texture towards the top and a more supple texture as you get closer to the bottom. The center of the cheese is dry and flakey, with a more spreadable paste closer to the rind. The flavors are very complex, with good fruit notes on the front that are followed by limestone and earth tones, even some ocean notes.

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