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Fromagerie Sophie Fabulous Cheeses from Around the World

For the Love of Cheese

The beginning of Fromagerie Sophie…

Paul and I were in Paris to celebrate his 50th birthday during the Christmas and New Year Holidays, and I couldn’t wait to share with him the Christmas décor that permeated the city of Paris. We spent the entire two weeks exploring the many arrondissements in Paris on foot, and throughout our daily ventures, I was reminded of why my mom especially loved the holidays in Paris. On Christmas eve we sat outside, all bundled up, at a local café on Rue Montorgueil (in the 1er and 2er arrondissement: Montorgueil – Saint Denis-Les Halles district), taking in the energy and excitement of everyone shopping for their Christmas day. Maybe it was the real French Champagne I was sipping on… Or the French beer that Paul enjoyed that crafted the many thoughts to come to us over time… Or maybe it was a combination of so many things: watching everyone shop daily at their local markets—the gorgeous fresh meats at the boucheries, fresh fish at the poissonneries, breads right out of the ovens at the boulangeries, the beautiful and artistically decorated cakes and pastries at the pâtisseries, flowers at the fleuristes, the little boutiques that sold regional produce, and last but not least, the cheeses from the fromageries. And the most amazing part of the two weeks in Paris, was spending it with Paul, reconnecting all that mattered to us both. It was a very romantic trip in many ways. We learned to love again the simplicity of life through one another, food, wine, family and friends.

Back in SLO, we would stroll the streets of our downtown and reminisce about our time in Paris, longing for many things, but especially cheese. And as we continued our stroll, we wondered what it would be like to have a fromagerie in our downtown. For weeks it as just a longing and fond memories of our trip to Paris, as well as my French and Croatian upbringing and food experiences, and simply that we both LOVE cheese. But the more we fantasized what it would be like, the more we asked ourselves, ‘Why can’t we open a fromagerie?’ And now here we are. Fromagerie Sophie. Who would have thought?

— Sophie

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