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Wine Country This Month - February 2018

Learning the language of cheese isn't easy. As Americans, most of us haven't been exposed to a lot of cheese and don't know what to do when it smells "bad", feels funny and tastes even funkier.

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Cheese, ready for takeoff: Get your 'passport' stamped at Fromagerie Sophie

Ladies and gentlemen, cheese-mongers and lactose lovers, this is your flight attendant speaking. On behalf of Good Cheese from Around the World, we thank you for flying with Fromagerie Sophie today.

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Travel to Puerto Vallarta, Taste Savory Fromagerie Sophie Cheeses and More – This Week on California Life!

Airing this week on California Life with Heather Dawson – we’ll introduce you to a California couple that turned their love for cheese and each other into a delicious career with Fromagerie Sophie – a quaint European inspired cheese shop in downtown San Luis Obispo.

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Fromagerie Sophie on Moldy Cheese Day and Wine Pairings

When I found out that today, October 9th, is Moldy Cheese Day, well, I had to do it justice with a feature about an artisan cheese shop in San Luis Obispo that came on my radar during a recent trip to California’s Central Coast wine region.

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How To Taste, Pair Wine and Cheese for National Wine and Cheese Day

1. Wine. 2. Cheese. 3. Wine. That is the secret to tasting wine and cheese! It may seem ridiculously obvious but it works!

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